Beaute σωμα ραδιοσυχνοτητες

It is a non-invasive treatment of skin tightening and skin regeneration with no pain and without any irritation.

With the help of radiofrequencies, the tissues are heated and the fibroblasts are activated, resulting in the production of collagen and elastin. Our own skin reacts and improves from the very first application. The results are impressive and long lasting.


It is an ultrasonic shock treatment, which we use as a method of bloodless liposuction. The ultrasound waves destroy the structure of the fat cell and so it is broken down and then removed from our body through the lymphatic system.

For this reason, we always combine this treatment with a lymphatic drainage session. We have immediate results, a loss of 2-4 cm from the very first session with no pain and without any irritation.

Duration: 50 min and the next lymphatic electrotherapy session: 50 min

Beaute σωμα cavitation

Intradermal treatment

Beaute σωμα ενδοδερμια

It is a non-invasive method of body liposculpture. A kind of massage is done mechanically, in this way the lymphatic circulation is strengthened, local hyperemia is caused and active ingredients penetrate and thus the results are impressive. We achieve:

  • detoxification
  • loss of centimeters
  • smooth skin

It is combined with ultrasound and is a complete treatment, painless and without irritations.


The basal layer of the epidermis is the layer in which all the function of the skin takes place. It is where elastin and collagen are produced and the skin cells get regenerated.

The classic mesotherapy is the injection of products into the basal layer of the skin. At our beauty salon, however, we do not recommend doing simple mesotherapy, we do microneedling and mesotherapy combined together. In this way, the moment we “wake up” our own skin with the roller, we inject active substances such as caffeine, algae, amino acids in this layer. Thus, the results are unique and long lasting.

We apply this combination of treatments for:

  • slimming
  • tightening
  • stretch marks
  • body antiaging treatment
Beaute σωμα μεσοθεραπεια


Παροχές Σώμα Ηλεκτροθεραπεία

Passive gymnastics treatment. By using pads we give το the body the command to exercise. Many repetitions are done in different muscle groups, in a short period of time. This way we achieve:

  • slimming
  • loss of centimeters in localized fat without any flaccidity
  • treatment of cellulite
  • muscle tightening
  • detoxification

It is a treatment with no side effects, no irritation and no pain.


We apply the dermaroller on all the parts of the body. In this way we activate the fibroblasts and we have a production of collagen and elastin, while at the same time we activate the cellular renewal. The epidermal tightening is visible as well as the local loss of centimeters.

In this treatment after the application of the dermaroller, we apply a paraplastic mask for better results.

Beaute σωμα microneedling

Hand massage

Beaute σωμα Χειρομασάζ

The anti-cellulite and body sculpting massage is a timeless and traditional treatment. With specialized movements and manipulations, we activate specific parts of the body and cause lymphatic decongestion, local hyperemia and body sculpting.

In this way, we take care of persistent problems and also solve the fluids retention.

Lymphatic drainage

By using pads we activate the lymphatic circulation. Many times our lymphatic system is blocked for various reasons: toxins, sedentary lifestyle, hormones. So, with the lymphatic drainage, we contribute to the decongestion of the lymphatic system and help our body deal with the fluid retention.

This treatment is combined with other weight loss methods, so that the body can be detoxified and function better.

Beaute σωμα Λεμφικό drainage​

Magnetic fields

Beaute σωμα Μαγνητικά πεδία

This is a unique treatment for stretch marks and skin laxity.

With the help of magnetic fields and specialized electrically charged cosmetics, we achieve a solution to both of these problems at the same time.

It is an alternative treatment with prebiotics, without any pain, irritation, chemicals and parabens.

It is suitable for all ages, even teenagers and nursing mothers.

Anti-aging treatment

The anti-aging treatments include various types of wrap. We apply a special peeling, then we do a gentle hand massage with particularly active ingredients and finally we wrap the body in a specific and specialized way.

This way we achieve the absorption of the active ingredients against aging, while at the same time the body is detoxified through the lymphatic decongestion.

Beaute σωμα αντιγηρανση