Laser & IPL

Beaute Αποτριχωση ipl

There are two methods of hair removal for fast and permanent results, the dual laser and the photolysis using a special hair removal filter.

In areas with intense hair growth and in large surface areas, such as parts of the body, in order to have permanent results we must use the laser for the hair removal. But, since the color and texture of the hair are not the same everywhere, we have to combine two different wavelengths.

At our beauty salon we have a laser machine and an IPL machine, so that we can choose the ideal treatment each time. Also, the hair removal is done only by a professional beautician, because she is qualified to judge the type of hair and the phototype of the skin each time, so that we have the desired result.

Our machines are of the latest technology, they do not irritate and they cause minimal pain.

This hair removal method is suitable for all year round and for all ages (even for teenagers).


The radical hair removal by electrolysis is the only method of total and permanent hair removal. With this method we target the hair one by one and destroy its regenerative cells.

It is a method that has no contraindications or side effects. It is suitable for areas of the face and specific areas of the body.

Beaute Αποτριχωση ηλεκτρολυση


Beaute Αποτριχωση κερι

The wax depilation is a safe and gentle method of hair removal. It is suitable for all areas of the body and for specific areas of the face, as well as for all ages. The wax we use is organic and contains soothing ingredients.

Experts handling combined with good quality material, ensures you a long lasting hair removal without irritation and without folliculitis.