Beaute ματια ραδιοσυχνοτητες

For the eye area, which is sensitive and with special needs, there is a special radio frequency head. With the help of radio waves, the tissues are heated and the fibroblasts are activated. In this way we have cell regeneration as well as production of collagen and elastin.

With this method we have as a result:

  • skin tightening throughout the whole eye area
  • reduction and elimination of the wrinkles
  • elimination of the dark circles
  • treatment of the fluid retention, with the result of the reduction of the bags under the eyes.

Eye cure

It is a mechanical micronutrient machine for a natural skin reconstruction.

It is a special machine for the eye area, so that by slightly injuring the skin, we activate the cellular function. It is a personalized treatment, because we choose different depths and speeds depending on the needs of the skin and its ability of regeneration.

Then we do a kind of mesotherapy using ultrasound, with the result that we have regeneration and immediate healing. No recovery time is needed.

Duration: 30 min, but is usually combined with facial treatment.

Beaute ματια eyecure

Photodynamic treatment

Beaute ματια φωτοδυναμικη

It is an innovative, non-thermal and non-invasive method. LED lamps emit colored light at specific wavelengths, activating skin receptors.

We use this treatment:

  • to eliminate the dark circles
  • to treat the eye bags
  • to erase the wrinkles

It is a 100% natural treatment, for all skin types, for all ages and it can be done during all months.

Dermocosmetic treatments

The eye area needs more hydration and antioxidants than the rest of the face. Our eyes are burdened by long hours of computer use, intense sunshine and air pollution. That is why we must treat the eye area in a special way and the cosmetics we use at home must be specialized for that area.

The dermocosmetic treatments include:

  • exfoliation with a special, mild product that exfoliates and causes hyperemia
  • massage with special movements to assist in the absorption of active ingredients with moisturizing, regenerating and antioxidant properties
  • paraplastic mask which increases the heat in the spot and causes hyperemia
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