Deep facial cleansing

Deep cleansing

It is applied in cases of acne, but also for a healthy skin. We treat the skin lesions caused by acne, clean the pores and remove the dead cells. This way we have as result a clear skin, free of marks and scars.

The frequency with which we need to do a cleansing depends on the needs of our skin. It may be needed 1-2 times a year, up to once a month.

It is a combination of treatments, we apply steam and ozone, ultrasound, acids, high frequency and the result is a clean, healthy and hydrated skin!

Ultrasound cleansing

A more cleansing that removes the dead cells and the superficial spots. It is not a deep cleansing, but it keeps the skin clean and helps a lot in its hydration.

It is applied to dry skins, which do not need as much cleansing as a good hydration. This way, we manage to remove the surface spots, the dead cells and also to moisturize the skin.

Καθαρισμός με υπερήχους

Facial cleansing with acids

Facial cleansing with acids

A treatment that combines the gentle cleansing and the regulation of the secretion of sebum. It is ideal for very oily skins as well as for those who have acne scars.

Many times skins that have suffered from acne, have some areas that are very oily and others that are very dehydrated, so they need adjustment. It is also suitable for suffocating skins.

Acids (AHA's)

There is a variety of acids found in fruits or various foods. Applying the right acids, depending on the needs of the skin, we face the problem and at the same time activate the natural process of cell regeneration. This way the result is long lasting. They are applied in order to

  • improve the skin texture
  • reduce the fine lines
  • gain brightness and whitening
  • soften the marks of acne

Dermabrasion with diamond


An advanced micro-dermabrasion treatment with suction for face and body. The heads are made of genuine diamonds that were cut using laser. This way we remove the dead cells and smooth the skin, while at the same time with the gentle suction, we activate our own skin to produce collagen and elastin.

This method is painless, non-invasive, it doesn’t cause irritations and side effects.

For the face it is a treatment of renewal and whitening. It is ideal for the acne scars as well as for the fine lines. For the body it is a treatment for the stretch marks and the acne scars on the back.


A non-invasive treatment to tighten the face and shape its contour. With the help of radiofrequencies, the tissues are heated and the fibroblasts are activated, resulting in the production of collagen and elastin. The result is similar to that of surgical lifting!

It tightens epidermally the loose skin, improves the oval of the face and makes wrinkles smoother! It is a painless treatment, without irritations.

προσωπο ραδιοσυχνοτητες



Using pulsed light, we stimulate the fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin.  This way, we face:

  • skin marks, scars and spots
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • the oiliness of the skin

Depending on the use, we achieve regeneration, anti-aging, skin tightening, whitening of the face as well of the spots on the hands.

Microneedling & mesotherapy

It is a micro-invasive, non-surgical method of regeneration, highly efficient! Using an individual machine with pins, we slightly injure the skin, “break” its barrier and channel vitamins, peptides and other active ingredients. Simultaneously, we mechanically activate the fibroblasts and cause the production of more collagen and elastin. With this treatment we achieve:

  • skin tightening
  • regeneration and anti-aging
  • the oval shape of the face

Magnetic fields

Magnetic fields

A series of treatments done with the help of magnetic fields. The products that are applied are electrically charged and with the help of the machine they are activated. It includes treatments for:

  • adjusting the pH of the skin
  • moisturizing and desensitizing the allergic skin
  • whitening
  • anti-aging and firming
  • anti-aging of the hands

It is a series of alternative treatments, non-invasive using natural products without preservatives. Suitable even for pregnant women and nursing mothers.


A treatment with which we activate the process of production of collagen and elastin and at the same time we inject active ingredients in the mesoderm, that is the point where all the function of the skin takes place. In this way, this treatment is very effective and long lasting.

We use it for anti-aging and skin tightening.

For even better results, we usually combine it with other treatments such as radio frequencies or fraxpeel.


Photodynamic treatment

Photodynamic treatment

It is an innovative, non-thermal and non-invasive method. LED lamps emit colored light at specific wavelengths, activating skin receptors. It is used to regulate the cellular activity, reduce and heal the inflammation. It also stimulates the lymphatic system, eliminating toxins.

It is a 100% natural treatment, for all skin types, for all ages and it can be done during all months.

Vegetable peeling

A treatment of intense exfoliation and regeneration. It is herbal mixture, which causes mechanical exfoliation, the skin then reconstructs itself and regenerates.

Ideal treatment for acne marks, scars and, depending on the intensity, for anti-aging.

Vegetable peeling



A gentle cleansing and very moisturizing treatment. We start by doing the cleansing phase of the ultrasound, soften the sebum and bring it to the surface. In this way we achieve a gentle cleansing.

Then, with the phonophoresis, we channel active ingredients and vitamins into the skin. In this way, we have a complete and deep hydration and shine.


A non-invasive but very effective and targeted treatment. A mechanical fraxpeel, a machine that targets the wrinkles and scars and in that way we have a complete regeneration.

It is exceptionally applied together with the individual fraxpeel all over the face and the results are spectacular!

14. Dermapen



To treat the muscular looseness of the face and neck, we use a special electrotherapy machine. So, we trigger the muscles to exercise and in that way they tighten.

If the muscular system is loosened, no tightening treatment will work. For this reason, this series of treatments is necessary.

Neck treatments

All facial treatments include neck care of course. However, there are some specialized and targeted treatments for the neck. For muscle and skin looseness. We apply:

  • electrotherapy for the training of the neck muscles
  • radiofrequencies
  • mesotherapy
  • fraxpeel

By doing all this, we have a complete result and the oval of the face remains tight!

Neck treatments