Hands and feet care

Anti-aging and age spots of the hands

Beaute Περιποίηση άκρων περιποιηση ακρων χερια

Our hands are constantly exposed to cold, heat, detergents, the sun and they need extra care and attention. Also, as we grow older, spots appear, which represent an aesthetic problem of the hands.

For this reason in our beauty salon we have a specialized hydration and anti-aging treatment, using a machine with magnetic fields. We apply electrically charged products and place special gloves, in this way we achieve the best absorption of the products, while at the same time the magnetic fields improve the cellular function.

To treat the age spots we use the pulsed light machine, which has a special filter to discolor the spots as well as the freckles on the face. The problem is solved with a single application.

Simple and semi-permanent manicure

For a complete look, a woman must have cured and nice hands. Her hands should be hydrated and her fingernails well-shaped. At our beauty salon we offer nail care and nail polishing using very good quality polish products.

The quality of the materials is very important, so that the nails remain strong and healthy. This way, we guarantee that your simple or semi-permanent manicure will last without burdening your nails.

Beaute Περιποίηση άκρων μανικιούρ


Beaute Περιποίηση άκρων πεντικιούρ

The care of the foot is a treatment that includes the care of sclerosis, calluses and the shape of the nails. It is a complete treatment during which we do an exfoliation and we also apply a mask, so that the whole surface is cleansed and hydrated.

We are interested in the sole area to be healthy and elegant. Then we polish the nails using very good quality materials, which offer durability and protection.