Aromatherapy massage

Beaute Ευεξία χαλαρωτικό μασάζ

Relaxing massage for the body, head and face using essential oils. A treatment of wellness, relaxation, pain relief and peace of mind.

Our working experience in spa, gives us the ability to offer you a completely personalized massage, customized to your needs.

This is because each time the client chooses the essential oil that will be contained in the oil with which the massage is done and with special compressions, we insist on the areas that need it most.

Massage with volcanic stones

It is a warm and relaxing treatment, since the volcanic stones have the capacity to transmit their energy and heat slowly and gradually. So, by massaging the face and the whole body using the stones, the muscles relax, the body warms up and absorbs positive energy.

This type of massage offers an absolute feeling of wellness and relaxation.

Beaute Ευεξία μασάζ με πέτρες

Relaxing back massage

Beaute Ευεξία μασάζ πλάτης

Many people have problems with their back and neck. Sedentary lifestyle, the wrong posture but also the change of temperature cause us pain.

At our beauty salon we offer a treatment that combines electrotherapy and hand massage with volcanic stones.

In this way we unblock the muscles and relax them. It is a slightly painful treatment but it ends with a feeling of relaxation and wellness.

Peeling and body mask

Our body often becomes dehydrated and the hydration offered by a cream is not enough. Some of the reasons that can cause this dehydration are: the age and hormone deficiency, the change of temperature and the overexposure to the sun.

That is why we recommend this treatment which includes an exfoliation all over the body and the application of a mask. The mask remains on the body in a warm environment until it is completely absorbed. Then, by massaging, we apply a moisturizing cream all over the body. This treatment is very relaxing and leaves the skin velvety and soft.

It is recommended as a relaxation treatment in special cases (ex. bride care), as well as a method of maintaining the summer tan.

Beaute Ευεξία peeling σώματος