Gernetic – Cytobi


Gernetic Cytobi is a regenerating and nourishing cream.

It is a powerful anti-aging cream. Cytobi gives your skin an ideal protection, providing it with all the essential elements to be healthy. It acts on all important skin problems.


Gernetic Cytobi is a highly effective cream, used to combat all serious dermatological problems anywhere on the body and especially in areas such as: face, hands and body. It has regenerative action, nutritional and antimicrobial properties.

It contains pure vegetable oils, such as beeswax, calendula and peppermint oil with a high content of vitamins A, C, E, H and almost all vitamins of the B complex.

But the revolutionary technology of this cream lies essentially in the composition and osmosis of five biological extracts. These five extracts also contain almost all the amino acids, proteins, vitamins and trace elements that are the basis for health and healthy skin.

Cytobi is also used in the following treatments:

  • acne blemishes (blackheads – dilated pores)
  • wrinkles – the first signs of aging
  • dryness – dehydration
  • sensitive – allergic skin
  • regeneration of scars

Cytobi can be used on skin with allergies and inflammation. Use a very small amount, the less the better the result.

Product type





Anti-aging, Hydration, Regeneration


40+, 50+, 65+

Time of use

Day, Night

Use area

Body, Face, Neck

Skin type

Dry, Mixed, Normal, Sensitive