Gernetic – Immuno (30ml)


Gernetic Immuno is a reconstruction and defense mask.

It is a mask with cleansing, astringent and regenerative properties. In a mixture with an equal amount of SYNCHRO it performs deep cleansing and has a strong anti-aging action.


Gernetic Immuno is a rejuvenating mask, aims at the regeneration of the skin’s basic cells and at the same time restores and improves the skin’s pH. It deeply cleanses, tones and rejuvenates.

Its composition contains oils with fatty acid esters. It consists of kaolin and an extremely effective biological extract, rich in amino acids and trace elements that help restore and regulate skin functions.

  • Skin imperfections: mix 2 parts Immuno and 1 part Synchro.
  • Regeneration: mix equal amounts of Synchro and Immuno and apply as a cream with gentle movements.
  • Irritated skin: mix 1 part Immuno and 2 parts Synchro, apply well as a cream with gentle massage movements.

Immuno is used for facial rejuvenation, but also in cases such as:

  • signs of aging
  • stretch marks and abdominal relaxation
  • regeneration of scars
  • dryness – dehydration
  • sensitive – allergic skin
  • freckles
  • wide blood vessels
Product type





Anti-aging, Calming-Vascular vessels, Regeneration, Stretch marks


30+, 40+, 50+, 65+

Time of use


Use area

Body, Face, Neck

Skin type

Dry, Normal, Sensitive