Gernetic – Myo Myoso (30ml)


Gernetic Myo Myoso is an intensive anti-wrinkle – firming cream.

It has an intensive firming action. This product acts on the muscles of the face, as a result of which it smoothes the skin and “fills” the wrinkles.


Gernetic Myo Myoso is a specialized cream against wrinkles and sagging (on the contour of the face, around the eyes and the neck). The action of plant defense substances (“phytostimulines”) enhances the elasticity of your skin and fills in the wrinkles.

Its unique composition consists of vitamins E and F, plant extracts, avocado oil, amino acids and a very active biological extract. The effects of its firming action are immediately visible and can be maintained by daily application of a very small amount of product. Myo Myoso cream can also be used on the face for treatments such as:

  • wrinkles – the first signs of aging
  • relaxation and loss of firmness (oval face – neck area – cleavage)
  • bags – dark circles in the eye area
  • for sensitive and allergic skin

Always use a regenerating cream such as Synchro or Lift Cream after applying Myo Myoso.



Product type



Anti-aging, Regeneration, Tightening


40+, 50+, 65+

Time of use

Day, Night

Use area

Face, Neck

Skin type

Dry, Mixed, Normal, Sensitive