Suntronic – Electrolift Hyalu Serum


Suntronic Electrolift Hyalu Serum is a moisturizing and regenerating serum, which gives elasticity and firmness to the skin. Its high biochemical activity gives the skin the hydration it needs and helps it regain its normal activities.


Suntronic Electrolift Hyalu Serum has a moisturizing, restructuring action and gives elasticity.

It does not contain parabens, petrolati, PEG derivatives and perfume.

It contains a blend of amino acids, glycosaminoglycans and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

The amino acids restructure the cell tissues and increase the cellular production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. When the composition of these substances increases, the skin is softer, hydrated, with softer wrinkles and a more youthful appearance.

This type of hyaluronic acid promotes re-epithelialization and nourishment of the skin structures and also retains water in the connective tissue.

The rest of the ingredients contained promote the biosynthesis of natural collagen, thus improving skin elasticity. They prevent the degeneration of capillaries with age and this maintains intact the blood flow to the skin cells. It also mediates the synthesis of elastin. It contains also vitamins, which act against wrinkles and free radicals.


Time of use

Day, Night


30+, 40+, 50+, 65+

Product type




Main ingredient

Hyaluronic Acid, Prebiotic, Vitamin A, Vitamin E

Use area


Skin type

Dry, Mixed, Normal, Sensitive